About - John Slick

Few things bring us together like sports and art. Whether it’s a trip to see the local professional team play, an evening at the concert hall, or cheering on the high school football team (and, of course, the band!) on Friday night, sports and the arts offer us some fantastic opportunities for connection.

I know that I can trace some of my best childhood memories to baseball games on a lazy summer evening or a marching band performance in the crisp early fall air. I’m sure that most of us can look back on similar memories with fondness and nostalgia. But what if we could make those memories real, and tactile, and everlasting?

That’s where I come in.

My name is John Slick, and I’m a photographer based in Western Maryland specializing in sports and the performing arts. I am a classically trained musician, a former athlete, and a teacher and coach to young performers. Athletes and artists, whether they’re just starting out or world-class at what they do, are immensely talented people. Their stories are ones of passion, dedication, energy, excellence, grace, and beauty. Nothing is more exciting to me than capturing those moments in athletes and performers of all ages!

Are you an athlete or a performer who wants your incredible skills showcased to the world? Are you a parent, coach, or teacher who wants your team or ensemble to have their special season captured for a lifetime? Do you love making images as much as I do, and want a place to hang out and talk sports and event photography? Then this is the place for you. Contact me to talk about covering your league, team, performance, or event. Or, just have fun looking around the site and talking photography with me and other photographers just like you!

I can’t wait to meet you and start our discussion about how I can help you with all of your photography needs!

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